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Are you a mother who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the demanding nature of your life? Have you just been diagnosed with post partum depression? Are you juggling the needs of family, friends and career and finding yourself with limited time to address your own personal needs, particularly your emotional needs?  Perhaps life has presented you with numerous road blocks that have kept you from reaching your personal and professional goals.  Maybe you just feel stuck in a rut that you can't quite identify or push past. Live Well Counseling is all about the MOM! Being a mom is the hardest job and we strive to give you the tools to be the best mom you can be. We offer support for individuals in the many phases of motherhood including pregnancy, post-partum issues, being a stay at home mom and a working mom. 

Have you been newly diagnosed with Lyme disease or trying to overcome the trauma of your illness? Do you need support while undergoing antibiotic treatment such as from doxycilcine, rocephin, zithromax? Are you taking a more natural approach and using essential oils, silver, glutathione? Do you need help navigating your Lyme disease treatment? Live Well Counseling offers Lyme Literate Therapy. 

Lyme disease is often a debilitating illness having a profound effect on interpersonal relationships and a patient’s ability to function at home and work.  It often take months or years to find ones diagnosis and this can leave the person feeling isolated and this has a direct impact on ones interpersonal relationships. Live Well Counseling is very much aware of the implications Lyme Disease can have not only on someones physical body, but ones mind, emotions and quality of life.  Live Well Counseling has a clear understanding about the nature of tick borne illness and coinfections that often go hand and hand with Lyme Disease.  


Session may take place in your home, your office, our office or over the internet on a secured platform. 


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