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Its your life, Live it Well!

Are you a mother who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the demanding nature of your life? Have you just been diagnosed with post partum depression? Are you juggling the needs of family, friends and career and finding yourself with limited time to address your own personal needs, particularly your emotional needs?  Perhaps life has presented you with numerous road blocks that have kept you from reaching your personal and professional goals.  Maybe you just feel stuck in a rut that you can't quite identify or push past. Live Well Counseling is all about the MOM! Being a mom is the hardest job and we strive to give you the tools to be the best mom you can be. We offer support for individuals in the many phases of motherhood including pregnancy, post-partum issues, being a stay at home mom and a working mom. 

About Lindsey V. Jankay, LCSW

Psychotherapy is most effective when you feel a strong connection with your therapist. Often knowing about my training, style, history and experience helps you beginning that connection. I have included the most important details but of course, if you have additional questions, please feel free to ask.

I am committed to helping people create fuller, more abundant and authentic lives. I love what I do, and I bring my diverse and well-grounded personal, educational and clinical experiences as a social worker to my psychotherapy practice. My training, credentials, and expertise, together with authenticity, directness, and empathy, help people get the traction they need to create real change. I have been treating clients for a little over ten years, and I find psychotherapy to be an  invigorating and compelling experience with my clients. There is no need to stay stuck in old patterns. Together we can make meaning of tragedy and disappointment in your life. 

I am straightforward, compassionate, empathetic and authentic in therapy. Together with my training and experience, I find this supports and energizes the work my clients and I do together. I am not about just listening week after week  leaving clients stuck. I am not afraid to talk about scary topics and find these topics are often what keep people stuck. It is about making meaningful change in your life. I am here to help you accomplish this. 

I feel strongly that increasing overall well-being is far more effective than “decreasing” pathology. I focus on helping people create and experience changes in their lives, like:

  • emotional growth and evolution
  • better relationships with yourself and with others
  • healthy and useful self-understanding
  • greater resilience
  • improved physical health through psychological wellness
  • greater life satisfaction
  • developing coping skills to use in times of distress

I have an Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work, both from Rutgers University. I also have my supervisory certificate and am able to supervise Licensed Social Workers. I belong to the National Association of Social Workers, Postpartum Support International and New Jersey Division, and Speak Up When your Down. I am certified by PSI in Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders. I am also married to another therapist who understands and values the importance of therapy. We have two beautiful children and enjoy watching them grow each and every day!!!!

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